Communication Gaps

Communication Gaps

When we have the courage to place more importance on understanding what is happening in the present moment than we do about caring what others think, we achieve clarity!

We can all agree that it is beyond frustrating when you can’t understand what someone is trying to communicate to you. It’s like someone is speaking a foreign language to you! I’d love to share a quick story with you…

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5 Questions That Will Rock Your World

5 Questions That Will Rock Your World

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get better at applying some of the ideas we learn about self improvement and let’s have fun while we do it! Today’s video, 5 Questions That Will Rock Your World, teaches you a technique that shows you how to convert your learning into actions, take a look..

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Holy S#&T! – What is My Passion?

Holy S#&T! – What is My Passion?


by Joelene Wolfe  May 30, 2017

Joelene is the founder of Happiness Depends; a site dedicated to helping individuals follow their dreams and connect with their happiness.  She is an actor, writer, friend and a wise woman.  Take a look at her article about finding your passion and purpose.

Some people just know.  It seems to be in their bones from the moment they’re old enough to talk. But why doesn’t everyone know from a young age?

You may be wondering, “What the hell is she rambling about?”

I am talking about knowing your passion… your calling……your purpose.  You know, that thing we are all meant to do while on this planet.

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed is first piece at 5 years old.
  • Pablo Picasso’s mom claimed that his first words involved asking for a pencil.
  • Madame Curie taught herself to read at the ripe old of four.

Most kids under five, are busy driving their parents crazy but not these driven few. Truth be told most people don’t figure it out this early on.

I remember being in my late teens wondering what the heck I was meant to do with my life.  Like most kids who are college-age, there is so much thrown at us:

What are you going to school for? What do you want to be? What are your goals?

As clear as yesterday, I recall thinking “How the hell do I know? I’m not even legal yet!”

Age is really irrelevant, though, because I know oodles of people who are much later in life struggling with the exact same question.  In fact, the whole mid-life crisis thing is often based on the thought, “Holy S#&T! I am half way through my life and I have no clue what I am here to do!”

Here’s the thing, when we grasp at straws to try and figure something out, we probably won’t find it. And the most ironic thing is that, like those child prodigies, your calling is somewhere deep inside you already.  Right now.  But everything has its own divine timing and forcing it, just won’t work.

So now what?

  • Be aware of what makes your heart smile – Then do more of it.
  • Expand your horizons – Try new things, meet new people, travel, read, connect.
  • Meditate – Quieting your mind and looking within will reveal many things.
  • Be in your flow – Trust the process and let your intuition lead you.
  • Don’t try so darn hard – Letting go and having faith will actually open things up to happen.

In essence it comes down to being mindful of your level of happiness. Your path here on this crazy planet is guided by a simple but accurate compass. If is it telling you that you are happy and energized, then you are on the right the track.

“Your job is not just to do what your parents say, what your teachers say, what society says, but to figure out what your heart calling is and to be led by that.” Oprah Winfrey

Be aware. Look within. Be yourself.

Joelene Wolfe’s Bio:

In addition to being a mom, wife and marketer, Joelene is the creator of Happiness Depends.  After years of working unhappily in the corporate world and following someone else’s dream, she took the big leap to finally follow my own dream of acting.  Happiness depends on so many things but it always starts with a feeling, an idea and a first step.

Joelene is now enjoying helping others take their 1st step toward their dreams.  Now let’s get your happy on.

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