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Don’t you just wish someone would hand you the keys to success? That someone might pave the road to your enlightenment or even better give you some secret short cuts to manifesting your dreams faster?

….Sorry, that’s not happening. The lessons and gifts that you gain from your individual journey and process are the true source of your power.  Our individual strength lies within each of us and when we can understand that and tap into that we begin to become the deliberate creators of our lives.

This video will show you a simple and fun technique you can do every morning to start attracting what you want in your life.  It is a ritual and it deserves your attention every morning.  A habit takes 30 days to break, meaning if you want to shift your mindset and find your true power you need to be willing to commit to the practice.  I have laid out a simple and fun practice for you to experiment with.  Make it yours and commit to it for 30 days!

Now, I’d LOVE to hear from YOU! In the comments section below, tell me:

• How easy was it to commit to doing this ritual every morning for 30 days?
• What got in your way?

Every day in every way we get better and better. Know that in your heart and believe it in your brain!

We all have rainbows inside of us and it’s time to let yours shine!!

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