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Ok, I know we are all guilty of this one. The phone rings and it’s that cute boy you’ve been hoping would call. You open your mouth to say, “hello” and out pops the “phone voice” that sounds nothing like who you are!

What the hell?? Why do we do that? As women, at an early age, we are programed that our voices should sound feminine. We are taught that men don’t cry and women are soft and nurturing.

When we change ourselves in anyway, including our voice, we are surrendering to an idea of how we think we should be or act.In essence we give away our true power when we try to become something or someone we are not.If you have ever been guilty of putting on a phone voice, fake laugh, or simply trying to fit in, then this video is for you.

Now, I would LOVE to hear from YOU!  In the comments section below, tell me:

  • What’s one concrete step you can do to start owning your voice?
  • How will your life be different once you begin to own your true voice and reclaim your authenticity?

I am in this with you!  I too am still learning and growing every day and I am so excited to be on this journey with you.  I am here to help, support and encourage you in every way.

Remember, we all have rainbows inside of us, it’s time to let yours shine!

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