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We are meaning makers by design.  Our brains are programmed to attach a meaning to every circumstance we encounter.  It does a quick analysis of what we have experienced in the past, compares it to other situations and labels each response in a way that is most comfortable and familiar to you.

What if there was another way to interrupt those interpretations so that you could create more empowering ones??In every moment, we have the choice to either create by default or become the deliberate creators of our lives.  Your thoughts equal your emotions and your emotions equal your behaviors and your behaviors equal your world.

Challenge yourself to interpret your world in a way that is outside of your comfort zone.

At the edge of your comfort zone is where life begins~ Kerri Lynn Miller

If you’re ready to start creating different outcomes for your life, this video is a must.  Learn these simple tools to start creating more empowering interpretations.

Now, I would LOVE to hear from YOU!  In the comments below tell me:

  • What’s one concrete way you can start challenging yourself to create more empowering interpretations?
  • Where in your life can you place new meaning on an old situation so that it serves you rather than hurts you?

I am honored to be a part of your journey and I am so excited to cheer you on as you start becoming the deliberate creator of your life.

Now, it’s time for a little laughter, perhaps a smile or maybe a good old fashion snort of sorts.  Check out our skit, “Interpretations Gone Bad”.  Have fun -if you can’t laugh at yourself then….you’re pretty much screwedJ

Remember, we all have rainbows inside of us and it’s time to let yours shine!

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