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When we have the courage to place more importance on understanding what is happening in the present moment than we do about caring what others think, we achieve clarity!

We can all agree that it is beyond frustrating when you can’t understand what someone is trying to communicate to you. It’s like someone is speaking a foreign language to you! I’d love to share a quick story with you…

As a little girl, I can remember one of my first big communication gaps.  My parents left me alone for the first time to go to a neighbor’s party and before they left, they wrote down the number they could be reached at.  Later in the evening, I heard a noise and I got scared.  I tried to dial my parents and everything was going smooth until I reached the dash.  I couldn’t find the dash anywhere on the dial.

By the time my parents got home, I was in a corner crying and when they asked me what had happened, all I could say was, “I couldn’t find the dash”.

Why is it that we are afraid to ask for the clarification that we so desperately need?  Instead of risking being vulnerable, we pretend we understand. We nod our head in agreement when we have no idea what the other person is talking about!

Follow this 5- step process to bridge communication gaps:

  1. Remind yourself that there are no problems, only opportunities to grow, expand and contribute.
  2. Listen to your Emotional Guidance System (EGS) tune in when your body is telling you that something is off. Most times we feel this in our gut, and most times we override this feeling with our logic.
  3. Ask: What is the worst thing that can happen if I ask a question to gain clarity?
  4. Motivate yourself by asking: What is the BEST thing that could happen?
  5. Let the answer to the above question provide the motivation required to take action!!!

Remember, “Care more about your clarity than what other people think of you.”  You are a Spiritual Unicorn, there is no one like you, there never was, and never will be.

Talk to me…Leave a comment about a time you were challenged.

  • How did you find the courage to take a risk and ask for more clarity?
  • Was it in a relationship?  Work event?  School?
  • What would happen if you didn’t care what others thought of you?
  • What type of freedom would unfold in your life?

Sending you love and courage!



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