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We do this all the time! We assume we know what someone is going to say before they say it, we assume that we know how someone’s personality is going to be by the way they look, we assume that so and so is going to react the way we expect them to react…and it goes on and on. We’ve been operating in our worlds on auto-pilot. Our brains gather more and more evidence in our daily interactions that support and confirm our assumptions. We have spent decades reinforcing our assumptions…..

Research shows that we have neuro paths in our brain that get stronger and stronger every time we reinforce a behavior, thought, or emotion, thus making it our “go to” reaction. In order to disrupt those patterns and begin to create new neuro paths in our brain we have to begin to practice new thoughts, emotions and behaviors. We can specifically begin to implement this type of disruptive behavior by incorporating a beginner’s mind.

A beginner’s mind is a mind that does not assume it knows how things will go, rather it remains in a neutral place of curiosity?

A child is a perfect example of a beginner’s mind. A young child goes into every experience with a curiosity about them. They do not have that file in their head that says I know what’s going to happen or even worse, I know what could go wrong here. They assume in a positive manner, while an adult assumes in a negative manner. In order to go back to that state of a beginner’s mind, we must begin to incorporate challenging questions when we find ourselves in a place of assuming. Some red flags are when are thoughts are saying things like, “Here we go again”, or “I already know how to do this”, “I know I am not going to like that person”……

Challenge your adult conditioned mind with the following questions:
• What can I learn from this?
• I wonder what this person is all about?
• I wonder what’s going to happen?
Give others the benefit of the doubt and if you must assume, assume in a positive manner.

Remember my golden rule of assumptions…

Assume unto others as you would have them assume unto you.

Now it’s your turn! In the comments section below tell me:

1. Where do you make assumptions in your life?
2. Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by something that you originally assumed would be a nightmare?

Finally…We all need to learn to NOT take ourselves so seriously, plus we learn better when we are having fun. If you think someone needs a little dose of laughter with a splash of learning, send them this video. Thanks!!

Assumptions Gone BAD!

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