About Me

About Me

Who am I?

I am a recovering perfectionist, a lover of duality, and seeker of happiness. I spent a good portion of my adult life striving for perfection, terrified that if I let up for a moment that people would see who I really was…and that I wouldn’t “make the cut.”  I focused exclusively in the external/material world and gave little attention to my internal/spiritual side.

I worked in beauty and aesthetics selling the latest treatments for anti-aging.  I trained doctors how to inject BOTOX and fillers along with other aesthetic devices. My self-worth hinged on my material/external world.  After feeling unfulfilled, I spent the next portion of my life exploring my internal/spiritual side, and here is what I learned: My pain did not subside as I denied myself pleasure from the material world. True happiness came as I learned to dance with the duality of both worlds by having a toe in each of the worlds.   Operating from the inside out has allowed me to experience the fullness of life.  The joy we are meant to experience.

My spiritual work began with my decision to become a trained actor. During my training, I was inspired by the power of playfulness and presence. It was here that I learned just how powerful your thoughts can be and that your body does not know what is real or what is imagined.  Thoughts are the foundation from which our external/material world unfolds.  I believe by working from the inside out, you can create an authentic life for yourself, a life that is filled with both the peace of spiritual contentment, as well as the pleasures of the material world.

Spiritual Unicorns is about having BOTH!  It is a safe place to develop your spirituality, while you learn how to look and feel your best.  Everything from mastering your thoughts, changing your beliefs to eating healthy, exercising, and looking your best.  The blog has two tabs: Internal/Spiritual and External/Material.  It is my philosophy to work from the inside out, however, it is your journey so click on what resonates with you most!

Have fun exploring and playing with your duality!