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Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get better at applying some of the ideas we learn about self improvement and let’s have fun while we do it! Today’s video, 5 Questions That Will Rock Your World, teaches you a technique that shows you how to convert your learning into actions, take a look..


If you were going to try to improve your ability to speak publicly, you wouldn’t just read a book or watch a movie and expect to have those new skills. Of course, you would still do those things, but you would ALSO practice. You would try those new techniques that you learned until they felt natural in your bones.

It is the same thing with spiritual growth and self-development. It’s wonderful to learn tips and tools, but they are worthless if you never apply them.

All of us own a cell phone and all cell phones have the capacity to remind you of upcoming events…

Schedule at least 1 of these questions to show up as a reminder throughout your day:

  1. How can I have more fun?
  2. What is this person or circumstance teaching me?
  3. What can I be grateful for right now?
  4. Where is the opportunity?
  5. What are 3 new thoughts I can think?

After you receive these reminders, do the following: 

  1. Pause, take a breath, become present.
  2. Ask yourself the questions than just showed up as a reminder
  3. Take action!

It takes 30 days to break a habit, 30 days of practice! Hoe committed are you to making changes in your life? What type of changes do you want to create? Leave some comments, join the conversation. Express yourself. Take action and become involve, it’s a fun way to reinforce a  new behavior.

Dare to be YOU

5 Questions That Will Rock Your World

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